I mean, if you got here then you’re really awesome.

Special shout out to my youngest, Río, a lot of this web was made holding him while napping.



This sweet site of mine is created with WordPress, like 40ish% of the internet. I like it, it’s open source and powerful to get things done. Plus, what you create belongs to you. Own your internet content!



I’m using a theme called Uptime, it includes Elementor which makes layouts easy. These tools just give me time to actually think about What more than How. That’s awesome.



The typeface used is Mint Grotesk by Love Letters. I bought it on early stages of development at Future Fonts.



Many thanks to Isa Ludita @ La Nave Nodriza, Luis Armesilla and Deivid Saénz for providing feedback and proofreading. ♥️



Older iterations of the website can be seen in the Internet Archives. It’s like looking at photos of yourself as a teenager.


If you enjoyed the site, then you made my day!