Visual design showcase

I have two eyes and a heart.

This is a selection of brands and visual stuff I’ve done through the years. I feel compelled to show these as a palette cleanser from all my other interaction work and to end this portfolio on a fun note.

Brand for a family-run seafood ecommerce business. I helped with their website too. They're really good!
Brand for a photography studio.
Brand for a concept travel guide app.
Themed illustrations for a design school (photo, graphic and 3d design).
Brand for a cooperative errand service. It was a great idea.
Brand for a sandwich shop.
Concept brand for a pay-as-you-go bike and motorbike insurance service. Done while at BBVA NDB.
Character illustration for a personal animation project.
Brand for a payments system aimed to festivals and events.
Visual for a series of design and sound workshops.
Some logos for internal teams at Amazon.
Illustrations for the interface on a kid's feature on Amazon.
Brand for a friend's recording studio.
Visual for an internal initiative at Amazon.
These were the logos for my own design studio back in 2005.