Name your price

The brief

Part of my work with the UX team in Ticketbis was to experiment and imagine new features. This project was part oh this kind of activity.

What if the potential buyer could name their price? That was the starting point of this project.

We had to types of personas from our user research: the potential buyer shopping for tickets to an event, sometimes months before the concert or match. On the other side there was the broker, independent ticket resellers that buy tickets in batches and then sell them. How could we provide a conversation between them to get to an agreement, but without chats as other second hand platforms?.

After a process of ideation the best user cases were considered and were told in the form of stories. There were 3 cases: Blind bidding, Blind bidding with pre-purchase and Stop loss.

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User stories with the customer and broker's journeys. Click here to see bigger (pdf).

The solution

Another part of the ideation process was how and when to invoke this new feature. The obvious answer was to provide the user with a new interaction in the shape of a button that could start the notification system process.

The constraint in this case was that this feature could not compete with the current prices, so a “name your price” button was out of the question.

The solution for desktop was to show a top banner only whenever the user moved the cursor out of the page to close it or change tabs.

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The solution for mobile was to show the banner with a given time when we felt the user was not finding a good price. The banner would appear in front of the event location map.

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