Venture Creation

Innovation from within

Currently I am part of the BBVA Venture Creation team, based in Madrid and San Francisco, working across the bank to bring new ventures to market with a digital profile.

The team combines specialists from the bank's business intelligence with researchers and design oriented professionals working together with design thinking methods and user centered techniques.

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A new type of insurance

My role in the team is to create and prototype digital products that reflect the business ideas that emerge form the ideation stages. Our last effort is the creation of a new insurance startup based in P2P networks and sharing economy for freelancers.

After the basic definition and user research, a brand and a digital platform was developed which could be shown to an investment committee in order to get the seed funding. The first iteration of this venture was called CIRKL, a sick leave insurance for the spanish freelance market.

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Brand and visual tone for the prototype, closer to a startup look & feel than to classic insurance companies.

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Making a claim is as easy as sending a picture of your sick leave document.

From prototype to market

Once the funding was secured we started to work in a new iteration of the project. My role was to redefine the service as a whole and how it could be translated to a digital product. I also had the chance to hire a freelance team that could deliver this venture in a 6 month period.

We started with a user research with interviews and focus groups among different types of spanish freelance workers. Once we got the results we created some user representations (personas).

With all this knowledge we were able to conduct a workshop with the major stakeholders ro define all the stages of the service from the user's point of view.

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Muno, a new way of doing insurance

For this new iteration we rebranded the company to a more simple and memorable name, Muno. Along with the rebranding we set a new visual tone with bold typography and colors along with organic and fun illustrations.

Muno is a sick leave insurance only for freelancers and independent workers, a major workforce in Spain. Customers pay a flat rate fee to a common fund from which claims, costs and profits are taken care of. At the end of the year, the remaining money gets back to our customers.

For May 2017 we are launching having created three main parts: 
· The main website and conversion landing pages, blog and other content pages.
· The onboard sign up
· The customer account panel from which customers can make claims, change their data and get more information about the service.

From there iterations of this designs will be made to fine tune and the growth of the insurance catalog will bring new digital features such as a machine learning claim solver and an app.

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Homepage and sign up key screens

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Insured account homepage